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We consider the Aelo's self heating eye mask and eyelid cleanser as valuable additions to your at-home self-care routine, providing enhanced comfort and support.

These products can also be incorporated into aftercare packages for patients who have undergone dry eye treatments, encouraging the maintenance of good eye care habits.

We are confident that our self heating eye masks, and eyelid cleanser will complement and amplify the effectiveness of your deep-cleaning treatments for your patients.

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Our Products Available for Wholesale

  • Aelo Eyelid and Eyelash Cleanser Being Pumped on Model Hand

    Eyelid & Eyelash Cleanser

    Regular cleansing of the eyelids and eyelashes can significantly reduce the risk of developing meibomian gland dysfunction,anterior blepharitis, and styes, all of which may contribute to the occurrence of dry eyes.

  • Self Heating Warm Compress

    Applying a heated eye mask can work wonders in loosening blocked meibomian glands, leading to improved tear production and reduced dry eye symptoms.

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